MMATEMarriage Ministry Assessment, Training and Empowerment (Regent University; Virginia Beach, VA)
MMATEMicro Miniature Automated Test Equipment
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The second purpose of the MMATE Center is to provide a venue to conduct research that provides a service or benefit to the research participants who are couples who have sought couples counseling.
In response, the ISSI team and the MMATE Center have worked within this environment by having larger multi-year research studies that we, as the professors, have designed.
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PREA (10) MINNESOTA Mental health (11) NLADA Other indigent inmates are not refused care for inability to pay: however, indigent mmates incur a department charge against their account i he medical division is reimbursed for indigent inmate requested care by the inmate welfare fund which is funded by canteen and phone profits.
McEachern, Business MMates: the Power and Politics of the Hawke Era, Prentice Hall, New York, 1991; and more recently, T.