MMATHMaster of Mathematics
MMATHMMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Math (fight outcome prediction)
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Existe un sinnumero de dichas distinciones: MA, MS, MSc, MD, MAT, MBA, MEd, MSci, MChem, MComp, MEng, MMath, MPhys, MPhil, MRes, MAs, DEA, DESS, MSocSc, MSW, LLM, PhD, PhD (ABD), etc.
Iskander, who joined Warwick at the age of 12, left with first class honours in MMath and his sister achieved a 2:2 in the same subject - and claimed they were the 'worst behaved children' in the family.
Carriere, MA, [1] Claudia Sanmartin, PhD, [1] Heather Bryant, MD, PhD, [2] Gina Lockwood, MMath [3]
Jo-Anne Gilbert, PhD, Doris Miller, MMath, Shannon Olson, RD, Sylvie St-Pierre, PhD, RD