MMAVMemory Modeler Advanced Verification
MMAVMuslim Mothers Against Violence (Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati; Cincinnati, OH)
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We selected Denali's MMAV and Databahn controller cores based on the product capabilities as well as Denali's reputation for quality and reliability."
The PureSpec product is built on the proven product architecture of Denali's MMAV product, which has been used to verify complex memory interfaces for thousands of successful designs, and provides seamless integrations to all popular EDA tools and verification languages.
Polymorphisms in the human monomethylarsonic acid (MMAV) reductase/hGSTOI gene and changes in urinary arsenic profiles.
The metabolism of As involves alternating reduction and methylation in which AsV is first reduced to [As.sup.III], followed by methylation to monomethylarsonic acid (MMAV) and MMAIII, and then methylation to dimethylarsinic acid (DMAV) and DMA111.
Pattern of excretion of arsenic compounds [arsenite, arsenate, mmAV, DMAV] in urine of children compared to adults from an arsenic exposed area in Bangladesh.
In any case, total urinary arsenic reflects the number of arsenic ions generated from all arsenic species in the urine, including inorganic arsenic (AsIII, AsV), the tri- and pentavalent methylated metabolites of inorganic arsenic [monomethylarsonite (MMAIII), dimethylarsinite (DMAIII), monomethylarsonate (MMAV), dimethylarsinate (DMAV)] and the less toxic organic arsenic compounds commonly associated with dietary exposures, particularly in seafood (mainly arsenobetaine, arsenosugars, and arsenolipids) (Caldwell et al.
Polymorphisms in the human monomethylarsonic acid (MMAV) reductase/hGSTO1 gene and changes in urinary arsenic profiles.