MMBDMillion Barrels Per Day
MMBDMother Merey and the Black Dirt
MMBDMining and Management of Biological Data
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For the first half of 2019, these three formations averaged 4.05 mmbd, 1.44 mmbd, and 1.43 mmbd respectively.
En 2017, PMI exporto 1.2 mmbd, volumen muy inferior a los 1.9 mmbd alcanzados en 2004, una caida acumulada del 37%.
The consumption increase over the entire time period was about 3 mmbd, or about 3.3 percent.
Although the initial goal of the study was to sample streams from all regions of Jersey County, only streams in the MMBD met the selection criteria (perennial, headwater streams with riffle habitats).
A finales de 2014 se coloco a la cabeza, supero a los demas paises con 11 mmbd, luego de convertirse en primer productor mundial de gas natural en 2010 (Informe de Bank of American Corp., citado por El Correo del Orinoco, 2014).
Refining additions in Asia, which include China with 2.6 mmbd, representing 22 per cent of the global total, India with 1.9mmbd (17 per cent) and All Other Asia with 1.7 mmbd (15 per cent), will amount to over 50 per cent of the overall growth in refining capacity.
It is expected that OPEC oil production averaged 30.4 mmbd in March; nearly 1.15 mmbd lower than March 2012.
Other findings in the survey: annual unconventional tight oil production, projected at 2 MMbd for 2012, is expected to increase by nearly 70% by 2015 to more than 3.5 MMbd and rise to 4.4 MMbd in 2020.
in the next five years and an estimated 4.1 MMbd due to increased rig counts for 2011-2016 in the lower 48 states.
Citibank, Commerical Bank of Dubai, Emirates MMBD and Dubai Islamic Bank are the mandated lead arrangers and book-runners for the financing.