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The SLOCs should then be pasted into MMBE, and a unit will have asset visibility of a particular NSN in an adjacent BCT's shop stock.
"It was the MMBE course that really gave me an insight into the huge variety of career options available, it really opened my eyes to the work that is done behind the scenes of the music business.
Phil Richardson from Gateshead College said: "It's fantastic to see that Grant has been able to make music his career and we've really enjoyed working with him while he was studying on the MMBE course and afterwards to provide advice and guidance.
Generator, which has been delivering training courses and events for musicians, labels and managers nationally for more than 10 years, designed the MMBE to work with all commercial music ventures.
To find out more about the next course at Gateshead College, log on to
The agency, which is massively well regarded in the national music business, is in the process of making contacts in Yorkshire ahead of introducing the MMBE there "Generator are very much recognised as the UK's leading music development agency, by BPI and other organisations," said Mawdsley.
There are many layers to the music industry, so the MMBE requires Generator staff to train the course tutors before it is happy to let them loose with students.
The MMBE is specifically targeting people who want to either start their own business or who are already employed in the sector and want to know more about how the industry works.