MMBFMidwest Mountain Bike Festival
MMBFMean Miles Between Failure
MMBFThousand Thousand Board Feet (million board feet of timber)
MMBFMean Moves Between Failure (container handling cranes)
MMBFMairoana-Mcfarland Bent Function
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However, statewide, there was a 36 percent increase in sawmill output from 449 MMBF (lumber tally) in 2009 to 611 MMBF (lumber tally) in 2014, some of which was manufactured from timber harvested in other states.
This property is comprised of approximately 75% operable lands and contains merchantable timber inventory of approximately 44 MMBF (350,000 tons), of which an estimated 28% is Douglas-fir.
Montana lumber production in 2015 was estimated to be about 516 million board feet (MMBF), a decline from 2014, and less than half of the 2000 to 2005 average.
MMBF is partly owned by Hungarian oil and gas company MOL Nyrt (MOL.BU), which received a EUR200m loan in June 2009 from European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to help finance the HUF150bn (around USD787m) project.
In addition to assisting the Forest Service with their timber sale program, the State has been providing about 13 mmbf to 20 mmbf of State timber sales annually to supplement the timber supply for the mills in Southeast.
In addition to salvage operations after fires and blowdowns (about 10 MMBF), there were three sales in the 1980s totaling about 11 MMBF.
In 2015, Estimate 1 for eastern hardwood lumber production was 9.2 BBF, and western production most likely exceeded 300 MMBF, indicating estimated national production at or exceeding 9.5 BBF.
The company owns a sawmill located in Urbana, Arkansas which produces premium Southern pine lumber and has an operational capacity of 150 mmbf per year.
The most substantial impact on Montana's industry in the decade prior to 2004 was the steep reduction of federal timber volume during the 1990s, which reduced total harvest in Montana by more than 400 MMBF Scribner, or nearly 40 percent.
The mill produced an average of 85,000 million board feet (MMBF) (one MMBF equals1000 board feet) of dimensional lumber per year.