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The MMBT Hospital has been offering medical aid and facilities matching the international standards with the help of modern machines and gadgetry under the supervision of trained medical doctors and technicians in the remote area of Jehlum.
The James River reach between the SR-258 bridge and Newport News Point (and the MMBT, JRship; Fig.
JR regions include (1) HB (in between the HRBT and the MMBT at NNP), (2) the "lower" Jrship parallel to Newport News Shipyard and coal terminals (between the SR 258 bridge and MMBT), and (3) the "upper" JR (between the SR 258 bridge and DWS near Mulberry Pt Lafayette River Tributary draining into 1998 412 HB; south of Norfolk Naval base Elizabeth River Tributary draining into 2001 376 HB Buckroe Beach Buckroe Beach is on the 1998 309 western Bay shoreline inshore of the Thimble Shoals channel, immediately north of the JR Grandview Grandview is on the 2001 19 western Bay shoreline inshore of the Thimble Shoals channel north of Buckroe Beach but south of the Back River mouth.
The MMBT was performed according to the manufacturer's instructions.
The sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, and negative predictive value of MMBT in detecting S aureus, MSSA, and MRSA were calculated with 95% confidence intervals.
In positive blood cultures with Gram-positive cocci in clusters, MMBT had a sensitivity of 87% (95% confidence interval [CI], 74%-94%) for the detection of S aureus, 81% (95% CI, 62%-92%) for MSSA, and 95% (95% CI, 75%100%) for MRSA.
The MMBT failed to detect S aureus in 6 of the 46 blood cultures (13%) with S aureus present (5 MSSA [83%] and 1 MRSA [17%]).
By using bacteriophage technology, the KeyPath MMBT is able to circumvent the issue of DNA target variation.
For MMBT to translate successfully to accelerate optimization of antimicrobial therapy, immediate testing of positive blood cultures and the availability of clinicians to modify antimicrobial therapy would be required, ideally, on a 24-hour basis.
The KeyPath MMBT kits used in this study were donated in kind by MicroPhage, Inc.