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MMCDMixed Mode Compact Disc
MMCDMetropolitan Mosquito Control District (St. Paul, MN)
MMCDMedi-Cal Managed Care Division (California)
MMCDMaster Municipal Construction Documents
MMCDMulti Media Compact Disc
MMCDMint Museum of Craft + Design (Charlotte, North Carolina)
MMCDMaster Municipal Construction Documents Association
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Nao houve diferenca estatisticamente significativa na comparacao entre os tempos medios de acompanhamento para pacientes tratados com ETA ([+ or -] MMCD ou MTX) e ADA ([+ or -] MMCD ou MTX).
Os autores observaram que ao longo dos anos estes tratamentos entraram em desuso dando lugar aos MMCD sinteticos, principalmente ao MTX (16).
Most CD replicators agree that the one-sided, single-layer MMCD (or SD-DVD) would be the easiest option to produce.
Most MMCD applications will likely use single-layer discs for several years to come, predicts Philips' Gall.
Because waste tires are excellent habitat for potentially disease carrying mosquitoes, the MMCD has undertaken an aggressive effort to eliminate waste tire piles across the entire seven-county metropolitan area.
This is revolutionary pricing, especially if you consider that the software supports almost all physical formats except MMCD (for the palmtop Sony player) and all the conceivable logical file formats; the hardware specifications are equally impressive (1 MB buffer, SCSI-II interface, multi-session recording).
The directory will contain full details on CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, CDTV, VIS, EB, MMCD, 3DO, and DVI titles, organizations, hardware, authoring/retrieval software, conferences and exhibitions, books, and journals.
One is their implementation of the Multiple Operating System Technology (M.O.S.T.) that allows the same CD-ROM disc to operate on a variety of hardware and systems software platforms, including Macintosh, IBM (both DOS and Windows), and Sony's MMCD. Forget about the dreaded issue of incompatibility you the buyer and you the retailer.
Here we were treated to the first (of many viewings) of the Sony Multimedia CD-ROM Player (MMCD) introductory program that comes with the product.