MMCDFMultichannel Multi-Configuration Dirac-Fock Method
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The meeting will also give approval to supply of gas from Zafir Gas Field while supply of 66 mmcdf gas from Mari Gas Field will also come under consideration during today's meeting.
He said these units hardly need 0.00062 MMCDF gas which is not a big deal for the government.
According to the approved plan 30 MMCDF additional Adhi gas
The ECC meeting decided to inject 150-200 mmcdf in the system and import LNG to cover up gas shortage.
He maintained that SSGPL is providing 20 to 25 mmcfd less gas than industry demand as SITE industries need 70 mmcdf gas daily but SSGPL is providing only 45 to 50 mmcdf and this affects industrial progress five days in a week, he added.