MMCFPDMillion Cubic Feet per Day (measurement; also seen as MCFPD, MCFD and MCF/D)
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The East Abu Khadra gas field was brought on stream via the South Batra facilities on December 23, 2008 and is currently flowing at 7.9 MMcfpd of gas and 125 bpd of condensate.
Seven Energy forecasts gas deliveries to increase to 150 - 200 MMcfpd over the coming year and is capable of providing long-term supply of gas to additional off takers for power generation and for local industry.
According to the company, the total average net production for the past seven days was approximately 7,000 BOEPD, consisting of approximately 5,500 BOPD and 9.5 MMCFPD, when combined with its properties in Albania.
The well is capable of producing at rates of more than 10 MMcfpd but is currently being restricted to a rate of 4.6 MMcfpd due to low gas prices.
The well is currently flowing at a condensate rate of 510 Bpd and 3.5 MMcfpd of gas.
Production commenced with one Aconcagua well and one King's Peak well and is expected to be ramped up over the next one to two months to an expected peak production rate of 500 million cubic feet per day (Mmcfpd) when all wells from the three fields are on line.
Highlights include: Consolidated oil and gas production up 28% y/y to 32,195 boepd, up 5% compared to 4Q2017; Oil production increased by 33% to 27,345 bopd, up 8% compared to 4Q2017; Colombian oil production increased by 37% to 26,303 bopd, up 8% compared to 4Q2017; Gas production increased by 3% to 29.1 mmcfpd, down 9% compared to 4Q2017; Current production of 35,000 boepd, including new production from Argentina acquisition.
The presence of approximately 42 meters (138 feet) of dolomite in the 138 meter (453 feet) reservoir section above the gas-water contact (GWC) was positive, as was the multi-rate flow test over an interval from 2,076 to 2,142 meters (6,811 to 7,027 feet) TVDSS which achieved a final stabilized flow rate of 13 million standard cubic feet gas per day (mmcfpd) over a 24 hour period on a 40/64 choke.
According to the company, the initial production rates during the flow back period were recorded as 11 MMcfpd and 175 barrels of condensate per day.
First quarter 2009 sales averaged 127,005 BOEPD, consisting of oil sales averaging 34,050 BPD, NGL sales averaging 22,699 BPD and gas sales averaging 422 million cubic feet per day (MMCFPD).
Natural gas production for full-year 2017 was 441 MMcfpd.
The Group is currently delivering total gas volumes in excess of 110 million standard cubic feet per day (MMcfpd) to three power stations, a cement plant and a fertilizer factory, and is the leading integrated gas company in south east Nigeria.