MMCGMeyers Management Consulting Group (Canada)
MMCGMarine Mammal Consulting Group (Santa Barbara, CA)
MMCGMid-Missouri Church of God (Eldon, MO)
MMCGMercenaries Medieval Combat Guild (est. 1994)
MMCGMarshall Miller Communications Group (Marshall Miller & Associates)
MMCGMarine Monitoring Coordination Group (UK)
MMCGMid-Murray Citrus Growers (Australia)
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(104) The MMCG is also involved in a variety of other issues
was announced that a study would be conducted into the MMCG which would
explore moving the MMCG from an institution funded by USAID to an
The Gerrards Cross property represents the first healthcare asset within the platform, and is the first of four forward funding transactions currently in discussion with MMCG as part of the social infrastructure platform's nursing and care home portfolio.
SCAP: "In the final analysis in the Northern Command, he (MMcG) would have to give the go-ahead for them to be shot."
As has been outlined above, there are a range of regulators, government departments, and coordinating groups involved in mobile money policy and regulation in Malawi including: RBM, FIU, MOF, NPC, CFTC, and MMCG. (154) The RBM takes the lead role in the supervision and regulation of mobile money, primarily through its administration of the Mobile Guidelines and its role in coordinating groups such as the E-Banking Task Force, the MMCG, and the NPC.
(103.) Press reports indicate MMCG members are drawn from the World Bank, RBM, Bankers Association of Malawi, Malawi Microfinance Network, MACRA, and the MOF.
(143.) Press reports indicate MMCG members are drawn from the World Bank, Reserve Bank of Malawi, Bankers Association of Malawi, Malawi Microfinance Network, Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA), mobile network operators, Ministry of Finance, which if the case, would appear to form the baseful of a very useful collaborative effort for mobile money in Malawi given the range of expertise being brought to the table.
The report, which was prepared by the ECB s Contact Group on Euro Securities Infrastructures (COGESI) in cooperation with the ECB s Money Market Contact Group (MMCG), is aimed at improving transparency by highlighting the differences between, and similarities in, the collateral requirements faced by the financial industry.