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MMCMMultiMediaCard Mobile (flash memory format)
MMCMMixed-Mode Clock Manager
MMCMMR (Magnetic Resonance) Macromolecular Contrast Medium (radiology)
MMCMMustangs & More Car Meet (GC2)
MMCMMaster of Music in Church Music (degree; various locations)
MMCMMachinist's Mate, Master Chief (USN Rating)
MMCMMars Mesoscale Circulation Model (meteorology)
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In the USV domain, in addition to Textron Systems' UISS plus Atlas Elektronik's ARMICS and MMCM ASV solutions, ECA is proposing its Inspector Mk.
The Double Eagle family is supplemented by the Double Eagle SAROV semi-autonomous version and the new Multi-Shot Mine Neutralisation System (MuMNS) already selected for the MMCM programme (see above).
Briefing by Kockums representative to DEU MOD on MMCM 2020+, 12 March 2013.
As observed, the synthesized MMCM with its superior performance is promising as an attractive membrane for PV dehydration of EG.
Effects of zeolite loading on permeation flux and separation factor of the MMCMs for PV dehydration of water--EG mixtures are presented in Figs.
Effect of water concentration, in the range of 10-40 wt%, on PV performance of the MMCMs with 5 wt% zeolite 4A loading was studied.
BAE Systems Naval Ships Combat Systems Director, Richard Williams, add: We are pleased to be starting stage two of the combined United Kingdom and French MMCM programme, which is a key milestone in the transformation of MCM capabilities and the future operational use of unmanned naval systems.
We are proud that our wide and unique experience in Autonomous Underwater Vehicles is recognised by those two navies in MMCM program.
The MMCM programme builds on the commitment of the 2010 Lancaster House Treaty to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the UK and France in order to improve collective defence capability within Europe and NATO.
Harriett Baldwin, Minister for Defence Procurement, and I launched today the construction phase of the MMCM project, cornerstone of Frances Systme de lutte anti-mines future (SLAMF) programme.
MC and YNL will each hold 50 per cent shares in MMCM, and it will serve as the official distributor of automobiles manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.
Until the establishment of MMCM, SPA Group companies had been providing after-sales services to MMCs existing customers through service shops set up in Yangon in May 2013, and in Mandalay in December 2013.