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MMCMMultiMediaCard Mobile (flash memory format)
MMCMMixed-Mode Clock Manager
MMCMMR (Magnetic Resonance) Macromolecular Contrast Medium (radiology)
MMCMMustangs & More Car Meet (GC2)
MMCMMaster of Music in Church Music (degree; various locations)
MMCMMachinist's Mate, Master Chief (USN Rating)
MMCMMars Mesoscale Circulation Model (meteorology)
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The MMCM, besides estimating the optimal plot size pre-established by the critical point, also presents intermediate sizes among those tested, as observed in several studies (Cargnelutti Filho et al., 2014; Santos et al., 2015; Guarconi et al., 2017).
The frequency scaling unit utilized a ROM containing the configuration parameters used by the MMCM to generate the clock for the user logic.
In the USV domain, in addition to Textron Systems' UISS plus Atlas Elektronik's ARMICS and MMCM ASV solutions, ECA is proposing its Inspector Mk.II USV, which has already been supplied to the French Navy for counter-insurgency training missions.
(44.) Briefing by Kockums representative to DEU MOD on MMCM 2020+, 12 March 2013.
Mixed matrix composite membranes (MMCMs) allow the membrane separation industry market because they are very competitive and economical (1-6).
In Montana, 87 percent (151 MMCF or 4.3 MMCM) of timber used was from trees [greater than or equal to] 10 inches (25.4 cm) DBH, while 97 percent of timber (58 MMCF or 1.6 MMCM) used by eastern Washington mills was from this larger size class.
The Army is testing new sensors under it's Multi-Mission Common Modular UAV Sensors advanced technology development (MMCM ATD).
Taking in account the existing Natural Gas reserves in SYRIA and the forecasted local consumption, they emphasize a daily delivery of 3 MMCM per day over 20 to 25 years.
As a system house and equipment supplier, the company has developed significant capability in a wide range of electronic design, development and manufacturing technologies, particularly in MMICs on GaAs and microwave multichip modules (MMCM).
with a special Mini Folk/Americana Fest, featuring the Cave Twins and MMCM. The Cave Twins are David Mayfield and Abby Rose, Identical twins separated at birth and reunited in song.
During 1H 2018, the Group's gross gas production increased by 30% YoY to 381.2 million cubic meters ("MMCM") (13.5 billion cubic feet ("bcf") (comprising Panzhuang's gross production of 331.3 MMCM or 11.7 bcf and Mabi's gross production of 49.9 MMCM or 1.8 bcf).
In a further boost to innovation the visit comes shortly after the launch of the next phase of a 117 million joint Franco-British Maritime Mine Counter Measures (MMCM) programme.