MMCRIMaine Medical Center Research Institute (Scarborough, Maine)
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I also thank 1st-year MBBS students of MMCRI, for participating in this study.
Immediately prior to this mornings announcement, Senator Collins met with scientists at MMCRI, who updated her on their recent research activities and led her on a tour of several of the facilitys state-of-the-art research labs.
MMCRI supports a broad range of medical research at Maine Medical Center, and its cutting-edge research facility was first competed in 2001.
1) illustrates the care pathway of those presenting with DSH to MMCRI highlighting that only a few receive psychosocial assessment.
An electronic DSH register was set up in February 2013 and is currently held in the Department of Psychiatry, MMCRI, and Mysore.
(2) Postgraduate Student, Department of ENT, MMCRI, Mysuru, Karnataka, India.
(2) Senior Resident, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Mysore Medical College and Research Institute (MMCRI), Mysore.
(3) Assistant Professor of Statistics, Department of Community Medicine, MMCRI, Mysore.
Our study was conducted Mysore Medical College and Research Institute (MMCRI) Mysore, between November 2012 to May.
METHODOLOGY: The study titled--Iron deficiency Anemia in Pregnancy: Intravenous iron sucrose an alternative to oral ferrous sulphate therapy is conducted in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Cheluvamba Hospital, MMCRI, Mysore.