MMCSMulti Media Computing Solutions
MMCSMulti-Media Communications System
MMCSMulti-Media Conferencing Service
MMCSMachinist's Mate, Senior Chief (USN Rating)
MMCSMass Memory Control Subsystem
MMCSMobile Multipurpose Control Station
MMCSMidplane Monitoring and Control System (IBM)
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As preparation of Al-SiC reinforced MMCs through stir casting is reported to be problematic such as it yields undesirable reactions, dissolution of gases and difference in densities and thermal expansion coefficient that causes low wettability [5].
This comprises five components: a nominal anchor (e.g., an inflation target); capital buffers (e.g., leverage and size-related reserves requirements); lender of last resort (e.g., liquidity provision for solvent institutions); resolution strategy (e.g., to deal with the insolvent ones); and "constraints on how far the central bank is free to pursue its mandate and structure its balance sheet." Precisely because MMCs are a feature not a bug, and because politicians have the horizon of day traders, and because the social contract of the electorate is hard to define in a 51-49 contest, this last requirement remains unresolved.
In this sense, the melano-macrophage centers (MMC) are useful health biomarkers since they play an important role in defense and inflammatory responses, and they are responsible for the removal of foreign particles, dead cells and products of phagocytosis (Leknes, 2001; Steinel & Bolnick, 2017).
An extensive research has been conducted over the past three decades on MMCs, and many methods have been proposed for the fabrication of MMCs such as extrusion, casting, powder metallurgy, squeeze casting, and centrifugal casting [3-6].
Currently, CNT-reinforced MMCs are mainly produced by powder metallurgy [59, 60] and thermal spray technologies [61, 62].
For example, metal matrix composite (MMC) coatings that slow the rate of corrosion at a reduced cost are an important area of study [4-7].
"We want to show AMCs and MMCs that partnering with CustomNEWS will benefit their client base," said Waters.
Forging programs have shown that MMCs based on the 2xxx series aluminium alloys can be successfully forged using high-definition closed-die forgings.
Friction Stir Joining and Processing of Advanced Materials Including MMCs.,"Department of Energy, 2005.
A comparison evaluation of these three traditional MMCs processing techniques is provided in Table [4].
The Governor also directed for establishing Mohallah Management Committees (MMCs) for parks for the purpose of day-to-day care, monitoring of facilities provided at their concerned park.