MMCSMulti Media Computing Solutions
MMCSMulti-Media Communications System
MMCSMulti-Media Conferencing Service
MMCSMachinist's Mate, Senior Chief (USN Rating)
MMCSMobile Multipurpose Control Station
MMCSMass Memory Control Subsystem
MMCSMidplane Monitoring and Control System (IBM)
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First, it shines light on how the MMCS works to help a president exploit a reconstructive opportunity.
Logic suggests that when they do, they will need to employ the MMCS to succeed.
Reagan Employs the MMCS under Constrained Conditions
As the company expands its network into the Central American and Caribbean region, TRICOM expects to generate significant economies of scale and cost savings through the deployment of next generation MMCS in each of its intended target markets.
Because of the MMCS low start-up costs, the company expects to maximize its return on investment and begin generating revenue immediately by providing cost-effective and feature-rich international and domestic services capabilities including high-speed Internet access, data, local, long distance, and enhanced services.
We also have a fourth vehicle-mounted MMCS here at Fort Monmouth, which we've got standing by for deployment, if needed," said Lucy.
We now have three vehicle-mounted MMCS and 10 CSS SATCOMs on-site.
The goal is total asset visibility and no more mystery containers, and MMCS is helping MTMC reach the goal.
Panduri said MPOCs and DPOCs are basically "mobile MTMC offices" that provide the same information technology capabilities MTMC personnel have at their home stations--the Worldwide Port System; the Integrated Computerized Deployment System; an Exchange Server with e-mail and internet access; and the MMCS communications module, which provides satellite access (via INMARSAT, the International Marine/Maritime Satellite, for MPOC and FTSAT, the Flyaway Triband Satellite Terminal, for DPOC) so they can tap into NIPRNET (Unclassified but Sensitive Internet Protocol Router Network) and SIPRNET (Secret Internet Protocol Router Network) and provide cargo status reports.
Now, thanks to MPOCs, DPOCs and MMCS, along with new technological advances, such as handheld scanners and radio frequency identification tags--fielded by PEO EIS' Product Manager, Automatic Identification Technology--on every air pallet and cargo container, logisticians can keep track of cargo every step of the way.
These and other improvements were substantial enough to warrant the development of MMCS for use in automotive braking components.
It is reported that brake rotors made from MMCS are about a third as heavy as cast iron, conduct heat away from brake pads better, wear longer and are quieter.