MMCSHEMichigan Model for Comprehensive School Health Education
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Faculty researchers worked closely with the coordinators of health services, special education, and middle schools to draft survey items compatible with MMCSHE curriculum content.
The MMCSHE Student Survey contained three sections: Drug Use, Drug Knowledge and Attitudes, and Preventing Violence.
They completed the MMCSHE Student Survey in March 2002.
Four processes supported the content validity of the instrument as it relates to selected components of the MMCSHE.
The MMCSHE curriculum was identified as a leading prevention program and is unique because it was developed by cooperative teams of educators, parents, law enforcement agents, drug prevention specialists, and social service professionals.
MMCSHE student survey data were considered within a larger context, by comparison to data obtained from other sources (the CDC's Youth Risk Behavior Survey: Middle School Questionnaire, school system incident reports, ALLTURS [RTI International/American Legacy], and the PRIDE questionnaire for grades 6-12).