MMCXMulti Media Communication Exchange
MMCXMicro Miniature Coaxial
MMCXMultimedia Communications Exchange (Lucent)
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Dimensions 3.365" X 2.125" X 0.30" Weight (oz) 3 Operating/storage temperature ([degrees]C) -20 to +60/-40 to +85 Connections Antenna 1, 2: MMCX; Power, I/O, RS-232: JST 14 pin TABLE II SX20XX SERIES MODELS SX2000 902 to 928 MHz (US FCC, RS232) SX2001 902 to 928 MHz (US FCC, TTL) SX2010 865 to 868 MHz (EU, ETSI) SX2020 948 to 958 MHz (Japan, METI) SX2030 2.402 to 2.485 GHz (ISM, Global) WJ Communications Inc., San Jose, CA (800) 951-4401,
The kit contains a Unidapt RF cable tester (RFA-4018-20) with an assortment of 30 universal adapters, including male and female MMCX, N, reverse polarity TNC, reverse polarity SMA, TNC, BNC and SMA connector interfaces.
MMCX, MCX, and SMA connectors have been added to a line of miniature units.
These CECC-compliant MCX and MMCX RF coaxial connectors are ideal for commercial applications.
The LTP5901 module includes an onboard chip antenna while the LTP5902 module features an MMCX antenna connector.
These connectors from Pasternack are available in multiple connector types including SMA, N, TNC, MCX and MMCX type precision connectors.
It accepts two full scale analog HF or IF inputs on front-panel MMCX connectors at +10 dBm into 50[ohm] with transformer coupling into Linear Technology's LTC2255 14-bit 125 MHz A/D converters.
This MMCX series of connectors presents electrical micro interruptions in case of vibrations, or accidental movements of the connection cables, This new type of mechanism in the male body provides the following advantages: guarantee of a strong and continuous contact in any operating condition, the outer connection will always be free from dirt as a result of suitable self-cleaning elastic springs, the number of the possible connection/disconnection operations results are widely increased, and this product was introduced on the male connectors only.
This line of MCX and MMCX RF microwave connectors is primarily for the automotive, GPS, test and measurement, wireless and similar surface-mount applications.
The program currently allows specification of RF cable assemblies using RG178, RG174 and RG316 coax cables for MMCX, MCX, SMA, SMB, TNC, BNC and N type RF end options, and 1.13 mm diameter and 0.81 mm diameter coax cables for micro high frequency end options.
COMPANY STANDARD CONNECTOR TYPES Applied Engineering SMA, SMB, SMC, SLB, SSMB, SSMC, SSLB, SSMA, Products MCX, 75 [OMEGA] MCX, MMCX, 75 [OMEGA] snap-on, 75 [OMEGA] screw-on, BNC, TNCX, N adapters between series and over 100 styles of MIL-PRF-39012 QPL connectors Astrolab Inc.
To simplify design, engineers can standardize around other connectors' specs and choose lower-cost BNC, TNC, Type N, SMA and MMCX connectors.