MMDLMediastream Message Definition Language
MMDLMedian Motor Distal Latencie (forearm motor conduction study)
MMDLMinute Man Dart League (Massachusetts)
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In order to match any transmission line, including the MMDL, with the remaining signal transmission path, impedances of the MMDL and the path must be equal.
Frequencies of these resonances are related to the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave propagating in the MMDL and may be approximated by the following equation
4 (a) that resonances of the uniform impedance MMDL are shifted slightly towards higher frequency (thus expanding bandwidth of the MMDL) with respect to the resonances of the non-uniform impedance MMDL.
However the bandwidth of the MMDL due to the strong coupling between the strips of meander is determined by phase response distortions, rather than amplitude.
The example of using of S matrix technique for calculation of the phase delay time for the MMDL was described in [15].
The main result of this evaluation was analytically shown increase of phase delay time when the model of MMDL was appended by lumped capacitances or short segments of microstrip lines in the space of short junction between neighboring meander strips.
For this purpose the global ABCD matrix of the MMDL was calculated and input voltage response in the frequency domain of the open/shorted delay line were found.
MMDL topology pictures and proposed models are presented in Fig.
The structure of the MMCL used for modeling of the MMDL is presented Fig.
The distinctive feature of our MMCL is the finite number n of its conductors corresponding to number of the strips of the MMDL.
Having calculated characteristics of the MMCL for each conductor, we (1) use the boundary conditions at the ends of the section of the MMCL, (2) calculate simple S scattering matrix for each MMCL strip, (3) apply topology of MMDL and calculate global S scattering matrix for investigated MMDL like in [20].
Besides that, results of experimental investigation of the designed MMDL depend on its manufacturing accuracy that is difficult to control.