MMDLMediastream Message Definition Language
MMDLMedian Motor Distal Latencie (forearm motor conduction study)
MMDLMinute Man Dart League (Massachusetts)
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- Severe CTS (absence of sensory response and abnormal mMDL),
- Moderate CTS (abnormal sensory conduction combined with mMDL abnormalities),
In the continuous SWD and pulsed SWD groups, differences were observed in VAS, BCTQ-SSS, BCTQ-FSS, mMDL, mSNCV, and mSDL (p<0.05; Table 1).
The absence of significant differences between the groups in terms of pain, function, or mMDL after treatment was attributed primarily to the use of the splint treatment in the placebo group.
Effective dielectric constant of MMDL conductors, based on MMVL, when ?r = 9.6; h = 0.5 mm; W = 0.6 mm; S = 0.5 mm; 2A = 20 mm; N = 20
MMDL transfer characteristic's (parameter S21) magnitude (a) and phase (b), when ?r = 9.6; h = 0.5 mm; 2A = 20 mm; N = 10.
The technique used to investigate the influence of non-uniformity of the MCML parameters on responses of the MMDL is further described.
In order to match any transmission line, including the MMDL, with the remaining signal transmission path, impedances of the MMDL and the path must be equal.
Klinik hipotiroidili hastalarda saglikli kisilere gore mMDL'de uzama, mMNCV'de yavaslama ve mBKAP amplitudunde kuculme, uMNCV ileti hizinda yavailama saptadik.
Bizim calismamizda ise ilk kez klinik hipotiroidili hastalarin subklinik hipotiroidililere gore mMDL'da daha uzama ve mBKAP amplitudunde daha kuculme bulundu.
The paper is dedicated to specify MMDL model to make calculations using S matrix method more accurate.