MMDMMulti Multiplexer-Demultiplexer
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Under the definitive agreement, MMDM and Akazoo will combine under a new holding Company domiciled in Luxembourg, which intends to list on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol "SONG" following completion of the transaction.
MMDM, which trades on Nasdaq as "MMDMU" and is presently valued at $10.52 a share, is a special purpose acquisition company formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, acquisition or similar business combination for Modern Media LLC, an affiliate of Macquarie Capital .
'He was speaking as honorary chairman of the MMDM, and not for the DILG,' Ano said of Densing.
Usando el analisis captura-recaptura, junto con las distancias entre recapturas, se hallo el area efectiva de muestreo usando el Promedio de la MMDMy la Mitad del Promedio de la MMDM, con 0,4 km y 0,2 km entre recapturas, respectivamente.
Posteriormente se calculo el Promedio de la Distancia Maxima Recorrida (MMDM) para todos los individuos recapturados, obteniendo un promedio de 7.25 km recorridos.
Considering the fact that space and movement have no explicit manifestation in classical MMDM based CR models (Royle et al.
Based on the results from the tests of variation in MMDM, all classes (sexes, ages, grids) for a species were pooled to calculate the average MMDM for each species and then to calculate the effective grid size for that species.
The MMDM appeared in a peer-reviewed scientific journal (Vidwans et al.
Rounding out the North American market, Mazda Motor de Mexico (MMdM) reported best-ever April sales of 2,174 vehicles, accounting for a 5.1 percent increase versus last April.  MMdM's year-to-date sales are up 19.8 percent, with 8,845 vehicles sold.  Mazda Canada, Inc.
Density was estimated by dividing the population estimate by the effective trapping area of the grid, which is calculated by adding one-half of the mean maximum distance moved (MMDM) to each side of the grid (Wilson and Anderson, 1985).
The Jolly-Seber method (Krebs 1999) was used to estimate total rodent density and density of three species (i.e., Mexican spiny pocket mouse, white-footed mouse [Peromyscus leucopus] and hispid cotton rat [Sigmodon hispidus]) that were recaptured frequently enough to permit calculation of the Mean Maximum Distance Moved (MMDM).
To obtain the effective area trapped for density estimates, we estimated a strip width to be added to all actual areas of trapping grids, using half of the mean maximum distance moved (MMDM) for all animals captured more than one time in more than one trapping location, except that we did not use data from trapping grids [less than]1 ha, where MMDM was found to be biased shorter.