MMDRMobile Medical Disaster Relief (Brentwood, TN)
MMDRMines and Minerals Development and Regulation Act (India)
MMDRMicrowave-Microwave Double Resonance
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60] Sink - MMDR [61] Intermediate - Wu and Abouzeid Intermediate - [30] nodes Lecuire at al.
The MMDR Act 1957 provides the legislative framework which governs the mining sector in the country.
Reforms in the mining sector have been initiated through the amendment to MMDR Act, 1957 through the MMDR Amendment Ordinance, 2015 that was replaced by the MMDR Amendment Act, 2015, notified on 27th March, 2015 and which came into effect from 12th January, 2015.
The MMDR Amendment Act, 2015 has prescribed auction by competitive bidding as the method for grant of mineral concessions for major minerals.
MMDR Amendment Act has introduced revolutionary changes which have led to end of the era of corruption, nepotism and favouritism.
Speaking at the occasion Tomar said, " The MMDR Act was amended in January 2015 to harness the immense mining potential of mineral rich states like Jharkhand.
The MMDR Amendment Act, 2015 has brought in transparency in allocation of mineral concessions in terms of Prospecting License and Mining Lease.
Granite is listed as " Minor Minerals" and comes under the ambit of the Karnataka government and its extraction and sales are governed by the Mines & Minerals ( Development & Regulation) -- MMDR Act, 1957 and Karnataka Minor Minerals Concession Rules, 1994.
The new draft MMDR Act would have financial implications in the creation of an independent National Mining Tribunal and National Mining Regulatory Authority at the Central Level, and the expenditure involved in the capacity building of the Indian Bureau of Mines.
The States must make efforts to ensure that mining leases granted before MMDR Amendment, get Forest and Environment clearances by January 2017 deadline to prevent lapsing of leases, Shri Tomar said.