MMDTMassachusetts Municipal Depository Trust (est. 1977)
MMDTMerck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy
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The company said the new peak-day of 8 January 2016 mark surpasses the previous high of 13.5 MMdt that was set on 7 January 2015.
This largest-volume natural gas Transco system, which stretches from South Texas to New York City, established a new three-day market area delivery record 7-9 January 2016, averaging 13.6 MMdt (eclipsing the previous three-day peak of 12.9 MMdt).
Increased manual dexterity was observed after 3 mo of using the M based on improvements in SHAP, BBT, and MMDT scores.
Abbreviations: ABIS = Amputee Body Image Scale; ADL = activity of daily living; BBT = Box and Blocks Test; CISS = Coping Inventory for Stressful Situations; DASH = Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand; EPQR-SF = Eysenck Personality Questionnaire Revisited-Short Form; HADS = Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; IPA = Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis; M = Michelangelo; MDC90 = minimum detectable change; MMDT = Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test; MSPSS = Multidimensional Scale Perceived Social Support; OPUS-UEFS = Orthotics and Prosthetics User Survey-Upper Extremity Functional Status module; SHAP = Southampton Hand Assessment Procedure; T0 = baseline; T1 = 3 mo follow-up; T2 = 6 mo follow-up; TAPES = Trinity Amputation and Prosthesis Experience Scales; TD = tridigital.
Federated's team of seasoned investment professionals will oversee the management of MMDT's cash portfolio and short term bond portfolio.
Dr Gay Verdon-Roe, senior research fellow to the MMDT project, said: "The MMDT is a good example of translational research, where universities work together to improve the standard of care to patients."
No early relapses were seen after mMDT in this cohort: the earliest occurred 13 years after completion of mMDT and 38 years after cessation of dapsone monotherapy.