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MMEAMaryland Music Educators Association
MMEAMalaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
MMEAMassachusetts Music Educators Association
MMEAMinnesota Music Educators Association
MMEAMissouri Music Educators Association
MMEAMaine Music Educators Association
MMEAMichigan Music Educators Association
MMEAMississippi Music Educators Association
MMEAMichigan Municipal Electric Association
MMEAMontana Music Educators Association
MMEAMisuse Mode and Effect Analysis
MMEAManitoba Music Educators Association (Canada)
MMEAManpower Management Enlisted Assignments
MMEA9-methoxy-N2-methylellipticinium acetate
MMEAMediterranean, Middle East, and Africa (business region)
MMEAMarine Manpower Enlisted Assignments
MMEAMajor Meetings and Events on Africa
MMEAMultiple Model Estimation Algorithm
MMEAMulti-Model Ensemble Agents
MMEAMarshall Maxwell Entertainment Agency (Houston, Texas)
MMEAMini Maintenance Effectiveness Audit
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Prior to the deployment phase of Operation Redback VI, MMEA crew were provided vessel search training funded through DIBPs Regional Skills Development Programme and delivered by the Australian Border Force College.
As of June 30, the company had 348 hotels across MMEA, with a total of 52,185 rooms.
Euler Hermes' future growth is closely linked to the group's ability to seize opportunities arising from changes in the global economy, including in the GCC countries," said Michele Pignotti, head of the company's MMEA region.
1999), a partir de la EAS, proponen la MMEA reduciendo el numero de items a 28.
An MMEA official told Kyodo News that there was no major oil spillage.
MMEA proves to be more effective in finding multiple optima of the considered test functions.
Malaysia's MMEA to Acquire Air Assets," DefenseNews, 5 February 2007, p.
Owing to the poor impact resistance and color changes (possibly due to degradation) it was decided to add 10 wt% of the MMEA copolymer as a processing aid.
Flint's blue-collar origins are key to understanding the need for the program, says MMEA president Doug Gould, a design team member on full-time release from his teaching assignment.
MMEA Deputy director-general (Operations), Rear Admiral (Maritime) Datuk Che Hassan Jusoh, said the aircraft had started water scooping 10 times and water bombing 10 times under 4 hours of assignment on the initial day.
According to MMEA enforcement chief Captain Anor Jaafar, only three crew members were initially found on the boat.
We could see more security solutions designed to protect IoT," notes Ravi Patil, Technical Director, MMEA, Trend Micro.