MMEEMoving Markets for Energy Efficiency (USAID)
MMEEMinimum Mission Essential Equipment
MMEEMesa Minera de Eficiencia Energética (Spanish: Association for Energy Efficiency in Mining; Chile)
MMEEMucoid Middle Ear Effusion
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El MMEE es una nueva herramienta macroergonomica que se pone en manos de los practicantes de la ergonomia.
Factores y elementos a evaluar en el MMEE Integracion: el grado en que las estructuras y politicas de gestion imperantes en la empresa condicionan la introduccion de la ergonomia.
We also ran a standard regression analysis and a log linear model to examine the following 10 independent variables to see which were significant predictors of success on the MMEE [y dependent variable]; gender [GEN], race [RC], age [AG], father's education [FE], mother's education [ME], hours spent at a home computer [HC], Parents Income [PI] , School District size [DS], teacher [T], and success in the competition [CS].
Where we differ is the way we33 YYEEAARRSS OOFF AAGGOONNYY DDRRIIVVEENN MMEE CCRRAAZZYY A GRANDMOTHER has been waiting more than three years for a hip replacement operation - and there is still no end in sight.