MMEFMaximum Mid-Expiratory Flow (lung function)
MMEFMissouri Minerals Education Foundation (St. Louis, MO)
MMEFMean Mid-Expiratory Flow (pulmonary function indicator)
MMEFMid-Maximal Expiratory Flow (pulmonary function indicator)
MMEFMEDS (Medi-Cal Eligibility Data System) Monthly Extract File (Department of Mental Health; California)
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The mean flow rates MMEF was significantly low in cases than controls.
For a relatively rarer haplotype in GSTM3, occurring in only 6-8 percent of the white population, they found a strong negative effect on MMEF.
Finally, another haplotype in GSTM4, occurring in 16-22 percent of the population, showed significantly decreased rates of growth for FEV1, FVC and MMEF.
1] (mL) 3,797 [+ or -] 678 2,179 5,353 PEF (mL/sec) 9,143 [+ or -] 1693 4,564 13,210 MMEF (mL/sec) 3,628 [+ or -] 1330 615 6,957 Phthalate measures (ng phthalate/g creatinine) (a) MBP 30 (2.
0% reduction in MMEF (maximal mid-expiratory flow).