MMEIMolten Metal Equipment Innovations (Middlefield, OH)
MMEIMolecular Manufacturing Enterprises Incorporated (Saint Paul, MN)
MMEIMesangial Matrix Expansion Index (kidney function indicator)
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Restriction enzyme digestion of the nested PCR product obtained with the CV160F and CV100R primer pair was performed by mixing the PCR reaction mixture with 10 [micro]L of reaction buffer containing 50 mmol/L potassium acetate, 20 mmol/L Tris-acetate, 10 mmol/L magnesium acetate, 1 mmol/L dithiothreitol, and 1 U of MmeI (New England Biolabs).
For interrogating H1 and H2 motifs, CV160F and CV100R primers were designed to introduce the MmeI and combined MmeI/AvaII sites in the amplified product by substituting the restriction recognition sequence TCCAAC for CC (nucleotides -186 to -185) and TCCAACGGTCC for TC (nucleotides -49 to -50), respectively.
Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industries (MMEI), China's Status Quo of Environmental Protection and its Analysis of Market Demands of Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment, Beijing 1993, p.
After the MMEI filter pump project was commissioned in 2007, the first noticeable difference between the previous pump and the new one was the size.
The MMEI filter pump is positioned in a side well of the reverberatory furnace.
U.S.-based Molten Metal Equipment Innovations (MMEI) is a leading manufacturer of equipment used in the non-ferrous industry.
One of MMEI's new additions is the patent pending launder transfer pump system.
MMEI is able to re-line your existing degassing box using this same insulating technology and non-wetting metal contact refractory.