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"The MMEU installation shows how a properly configured power system can be easily expanded, with additional gensets and switchgear able to be added as needed.
Established in 1919 and presently serving 3400 customers, the MMEU provides electric distribution and standby power generation services, with Maquoketa owning and maintaining the entire system.
MMEU's power generation capacity is designed to provide power to the entire city of Maquoketa, including the new Highway 61 Industrial Park on the outskirts south of town, in the event its wholesale power supply is interrupted due to an emergency situation or if the RPGI requires a power curtailment.
Where maintenance is concerned, routine maintenance of the Generac units will be handled by the MMEU. Major maintenance and service items will be handled by Tri-City Electric, the Generac dealer in Davenport, Iowa.