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MMFMedjunarodni Monetarni Fond (Croatian: International Monetary Fund)
MMFMultimedia Fusion
MMFMulti-Mode Fiber
MMFMoney Market Fund
MMFMycophenolate Mofetil (immunosupressant drug)
MMFMemphis May Fire (band)
MMFMulti-Manager Fund
MMFMake Money Fast (scam)
MMFMobile Maintenance Facility
MMFMobility Management Function
MMFMobile Music Format
MMFMicrosoft Message File
MMFMail Message File
MMFMulti Media Fusion
MMFMultiple Master Font
MMFMulti Media Framework
MMFMulti Mode Optical Fiber
MMFMessage Management File
MMFMulti Media File
MMFMulti Media Forum
MMFMale, Male, Female
MMFManitoba Metis Federation
MMFMarche Mondiale des Femmes (French: World Women's March)
MMFMobile Manufacturers Forum
MMFMarshmallow Fondant
MMFMagnetomotive Force
MMFMusic Managers Forum (various locations)
MMFMulti-Scale Modeling Framework (meteorology)
MMFMemory Mapped File
MMFMeredith Music Festival (Australia)
MMFMouvement Montréal Français (French: Montreal French Movement; Canada)
MMFMobile Marketing Forum (Mobile Marketing Association)
MMFMy Most Favorite
MMFMori Memorial Foundation (Japan)
MMFMilitary Medical Facility
MMFMy Medical Files (health informatics system)
MMFMoney, Macroeconomics and Finance (various schools)
MMFMaxillomandibular Fixation
MMFmultimedia filter
MMFMissions and Means Framework
MMFMatsumoto Music Festival (Japan)
MMFMorgan-Mercer-Flodin (sigmoidal four parameter mathematical growth model)
MMFMinimal Marketable Feature (software value measure)
MMFMabel Mercer Foundation (New York, NY)
MMFMacroeconomic Management and Financial Sector Issues
MMFMercy Medflight
MMFMajor Metal Fab (Wheeling, IL)
MMFManufacturer's Maintenance Facility
MMFMicro Micro Farad (electronics)
MMFMidwest Mastiff Fanciers
MMFMeet-Me Facility (D-mark room/floor/building)
MMFMultimedia Formats Interface
MMFMilitary Modeling Framework
MMFMode Mismatch Failure
MMFMichigan Motor Freight Company
MMFMaster Manufacturing Formula
MMFMobile Missile/Meteorological Facility
MMFMobile Maintenance/Module Facility
MMFMultifamily Mortgage Finance
MMFMaster Message File
MMFMultinational Maritime Force
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The first task was to reclassify our research library collection, integrating it with the research collection of the Moravian Archives of the Southern Province of the Moravian Church in North America, with whom the MMF shares a facility.
In our study, we have evaluated complications seen with MMF exclusively, wire osteosynthesis with MMF and miniplating system in management of mandibular fracture.
The protein content of whole wheat cookies was higher than 100% SPF and the blends from SPF and MMF.
First, a committee needs to work with its adviser to decide which kind of MMF is appropriate for its participants.
The fundamental problem of MMF is the unpleasant nature of the procedure and its poor results in certain fracture patterns, notably the midface.
Founded in 2010, The MMF solution is a leading financial advisory firm which is pioneer in providing stock market recommendations in a streamlined manner with superior portfolio management process.
According to current KDIGO guidelines, MMF can be used as a first-line drug in the treatment of SDINS and frequently relapsing NS in children [5].
The determination coefficient for the MMF model was found the highest (0.
If the events described above are any indication, we can expect that the debate over the future of MMF regulation will continue to be both lively and contentious going forward.
In aggregate, MMF allocations to Canadian, Japanese and Australian banks represented approximately one-third of total assets in Fitch's sample versus approximately 20% of assets as of end-May 2011.
The authority finds that the level of implementation of its 2010 MMF guidelines (see box) differs significantly between national supervisors.
Court action by the MMF against the federal government began in 1981 with the MMF arguing that the Crown didn't live up to its obligation to provide land to Metis children when Manitoba joined Confederation in 1870.