MMFTMindfulness-Based Mind Fitness Training
MMFTMaster of Marriage and Family Therapy (American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy)
MMFTMonthly Mecha Fighting Tournament
MMFTMethod of Moments plus Fourier transform
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We recently conducted a pilot study of MMFT with a detachment of 31 Marine Reservists, who received the training before they deployed to Iraq.
Before and after MMFT training (before they deployed), the Marines participated in a battery of behavioral tasks to measure their cognitive capabilities.
Perhaps more importantly, 54 percent of the Marines said that they "used the skills learned in this course downrange," while 27 percent gave neutral responses, and the rest said they did not use MMFT skills while deployed.
Thus, while only 16 percent practiced mind fitness exercises regularly during the deployment, more than a quarter used the practices to reregulate themselves after stressful experiences and more than half used MMFT skills during the deployment.