MMHAMulticultural Mental Health Australia (Australian Department of Health and Ageing)
MMHAMinnesota Multi Housing Association (also seen as MHA; est. 1967; trade association)
MMHAMichigan Manufactured Housing Association
MMHAMississippi Manufactured Housing Association
MMHAMinnesota Manufactured Housing Association
MMHAMissouri Manufactured Housing Association
MMHAMassachusetts Manufactured Housing Association, Inc.
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The MMHA is a professional trade association established in 1996 with a membership consisting of owners and managers of more than 193,000 rental housing homes in 20 apartment communities.
In teaming up with IBM for this project, MMHA will be able to use social media and the digital environment in an innovative way in managing mental health issues, said MMHA president Mr.
The project builds on a grant the MMHA received in 2016 to utilize IBM Social Media Analytics - a powerful monitoring tool that captures and consolidates insights from social media to analyze the opinions, interactions and conversation patterns expressed on Facebook, Twitter, online communities, forums and blogs to survey public perception surrounding mental health issues.
The findings spurred MMHA to strengthen its social media platform as a means to engage and share critical information on mental health with people who may not be inclined to openly seek help.
At IBM, we aim to make a sustainable impact in our communities and we find this possible for the critical area of mental health by continuing to contribute our talent and expertise to enable MMHA to increase its social media engagement, said IBM Malaysia managing director Ms.
Health visitors can do a huge amount for women with mental health problems at this time in giving active listening visits, but it is about recognising those women that need to be referred on to specialist help and care--and that's the philosophy behind the MMHA.
MMHA has concerns over the universal need for the devices, as well as installation standards and maintenance.
Although MMHA lobbied hard against this bill, it predicts to see it back in committee.
MMHA is closely monitoring a bill to change the Real Estate Agency from a commissioner model to a board policy-making model.
MMHA will also seek publication of lead poisoning statistics kept by the state public health department.
MMHA will work to eliminate the transfer tax that applies to a transfer of properties within the same limited liability company.