MMHCAMichigan Mental Health Counselors Association
MMHCAMissouri Mental Health Counselors Association
MMHCAMassachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association
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MMHCA is moving forward to adopt updated educational standards that reflect the national trend of requiring the equivalent of 60 semester hours in a master's degree for future licensing.
Also of interest, the MMHCA graduate students are generating a real enthusiasm for bringing together students from all over the state in a number of initiatives.
MMHCA will continue to work on behalf of LPCs and look for other ways to strengthen our position in the laws and regulations that govern our profession.
I am a past president on the MMHCA board and have been involved as the primary advocate for our state legislative efforts for the past 10 years.
MMHCA has contracted with John Landwehr to produce a legal opinion that lays out the case law, regulations, and standards of care that make it clear that LPCs already have diagnosis as a part of their scope of practice.
In addition, MMHCA made make significant progress by getting a strong sponsor in the Senate, Sen.