MMHCCMouse Models of Human Cancers Consortium
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It will be an essential goal of the MMHCC to apply the most promising cancer models to identify the range of clinical questions for which they are useful.
The NCI anticipates that augmenting the mouse cancer modeling expertise of the MMHCC with a broader base of perspectives in the future will enable the consortium to design and generate additional mouse cancer models and modeling strategies, invent new ways and employ existing methods to characterize the models much more fully for cross-comparisons to human cancer, substantially expand the repertoire of applications to many more aspects of human cancer research, and employ bioinformatics to an unprecedented degree to ensure full integration of human and mouse model cancer research.
To implement the MMHCC, the NCI will select as components up to 18 new and competing renewal U01 applications and up to 4 NIH intramural projects, each supporting a multidisciplinary team.