MMHIMarket Metrix Hospitality Index
MMHIMemphis Mental Health Institute (Tennessee)
MMHIMarket Metrix Hotel Index
MMHIMendota Mental Health Institution (Wisconsin)
MMHIMarin Market Heat Index (real estate)
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MMHI is a subsidiary and subject to the ultimate control of Macquarie Group Limited.
The MMHI survey data was gathered from a national consumer panel.
The respondent profile of the MMHI was reasonably representative of the national consumer market for U.S.
According to the company, the MMHI Global is based on 40,000 guest surveys each quarter and includes over 100 performance measures.
On MMHI's first floor are offices for staff development and administration, the admissions department, the procurement department, and a courtroom.
A glass hallway connects MMHI to the adjacent Regional Medical Center (the MED), giving the psychiatric facility access to medical and support services such as lab, radiology, dietary, and laundry functions.
MMHI uses such security measures as digital recording and monitoring as well as secured staff entry and exit by card access.
The OHI and MMHI were translated into Greek by the researcher and back translated into in English by another bilingual to ensure content validity.
To examine the underlying structure of the Morris Multiple Happiness Inventory (MMHI), a factor analysis was carried out.
Testing H1-H3: Predicting Trait Happiness From the Factors Extracted From the MMHI, Personality, EI, and Demographic Variables
Factors 2 and 5 extracted from the MMHI were significant positive correlates of happiness, but the correlations were weaker than the ones between happiness and trait EI, Neuroticism, and Extraversion.
A series of regressions were carried out to establish whether emotional intelligence, personality traits, the factors extracted from the MMHI, and a series of demographic variables were significant predictors of trait happiness as measured by participants' score on the OHI.