MMHLMetro Minor Hockey League (Canada)
MMHLMustoe Merriman Herring Levy (marketing; UK)
MMHLMultiple Minor Histocompatibility Loci
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Yet students also articulated an unrelenting determination to resist feeling this way insisting that others with MMHL not be afraid to say "'I didn't hear it.
The message to educators is recognize the inherent contradictions that come with having MMHL and its impact on inclusion.
Two themes Practical Considerations and Empathy emphasized how teachers can meet the three psychological needs of students with MMHL and enhance their inclusion in classrooms.
Students explained that others with MMHL are "not going to catch everything you say.
Nicholai asked that teachers be "open and encouraging" with students with MMHL, so that "they are not ashamed for not understanding something" and Brooke implored educators to "be patient with them emotionally.
The message to educators was please attend to the range of communication, learning, and social-emotional needs of students with MMHL.
To support students with MMHL educators must also have an understanding of how the social environment contributes to their development, performance, and well-being.
Students with MMHL are not reaching learning potential when with limited cognitive energy, they have to choose what is important to pay attention to in class, teach themselves ineffectively communicated lesson content, or "catch up" outside of class on a regular basis.
Collectively their message to other students with MMHL was to not be ashamed or embarrassed, evidently because they have felt these debilitating emotions at school.
The reader is cautioned against assuming that these students are representative of all students with MMHL however, typical classroom scenarios were described in which participants were disabled by educators and peers who neglected their communication and social-emotional needs.
Recent research on students with MMHL using survey tools has indicated that few academic differences are evident compared to typical hearing students (e.
Findings suggest that classroom teachers can proactively facilitate inclusion of students with MMHL by attending not only to academic and communication needs but to social-emotional needs also, and by being cognizant of the realities of disability identity development.