MMHMMinority and Multicultural Health Month (New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services)
MMHMMount Morgan Historical Museum (Australia)
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Adding to this, the competition's prize money has since been doubled, attesting to MMHM's ability to nurture homegrown talent.
This aspect of the work raises questions about who is entitled to nominate and enforce such protections, and some of the transcribed responses--such as "Mmhm, right.
(mmhm) And then the third danger is that those that are deceived won't be able to [Undecipherable] what they're thinking.
J1--"Why did the cracker go across the road?" J2--"Didn't you hear me say no?" J1 louder and a silly high-pitched voice--"Why did the cracker go across the road?" J2--"Mmhm I don't know." J1 slams down the phone laughing.