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MMIAMurtala Mohammed International Airport (Lagos State, Nigeria)
MMIAMassachusetts Medical Interpreters Association (Boston, MA; est. 1991)
MMIAMontana Municipal Insurance Authority (Helena, MT)
MMIAMoney Market Investment Account
MMIAMedical Malpractice Insurance Association
MMIAMethods and Models for Integrated Assessment (US NSF)
MMIAMontgomery Modular Inverse Algorithm
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You know MMIA is an old airport and what we are doing is in line with our core value of comfort for passengers and other users of the airport.
Total drug seizures declined at MMIA in 2015 to1,028 kg through the first 10 months of the year, from 3.
Plasma samples from negative control balb/c mice provided the baseline (background) median fluorescence intensity (MFI) for the MMIA
When the MMIA was abolished and replaced by the MMIP in 2000, however, New York's then-Governor Pataki justified it as an adjustment to a marked improvement in the condition of the voluntary market since the passage of the 1975, 1985, and 1986 malpractice reform legislation.
Following on the heels of MMIA 2001 is the fourth annual WIRELESS WEB 2001, Nov.
Despite the trafficker's efforts to circumvent NDLEA's profiling techniques and/or avoid MMIA, NDLEA's seizures of hard drugs at MMIA increased by 70 percent in 2014.
Coumo, that the MMIA had an "enormous" operating deficit, approximately $80 million at the end of 1985, and the $10 million collected in surcharges had already been used to partially offset its deficit.
tuberculosis specific immunogenic antigens in bacterial expression system like pET, their purification by metal affinity chromatography utilizing His-tag, analysis and confirmation by SDS-PAGE and Western blotting respectively and then testing of efficiency of the system of expression and purification by immunoassay like MMIA and also possible use of selected proteins in detection of TB in human population.
The plaintiffs also contend that the New York State Medical Malpractice Reform of 1986 deprives all property and casualty insurers of their property--their dollars--without just compensation, with money poured into the MMIA "irreparable injury.