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MMICMonolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit
MMICMedical Marijuana Identification Card (California)
MMICMotorcycle & Moped Industry Council (motorcycle and motorscooter user group; est. 1971; Markham, Ontario, Canada)
MMICMedical Mutual Insurance Company (Portland, ME)
MMICMobile Medical International Corporation (St. Johnsbury, VT)
MMICMicrowave/Millimeter-wave Monolithic Integrated Circuit
MMICMixed-Mode Integrated Circuit
MMICMillimeter Microwave Integrated Circuit
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When MMIC sought to convert from a stock holding company to a mutual holding company in 2011, the state of Minnesota had to create legislation to make it happen.
Cinoman and MMIC filed this declaratory judgment action to determine whether he is entitled to coverage under the UNC-LITF, in addition to his coverage under the MMIC policy, and the relative liabilities of MMIC and the UNC-LITF.
Freescale's four new MMIC devices are planned for limited sampling by June 2010 and general sampling by August 2010.
MMIC filed suit against Indian Harbor, but the district court determined the policy didn't cover Dowling's claims and granted Indian Harbor summary judgment.
"We are pleased to offer access to our GaN MMIC foundry capability through the Advanced Design System.
Markeith Williams, a financial consultant and the club's investment broker, says MMIC could've sold the stock at its peak and received higher returns, but the club was hoping it would go a little higher.
Each of the three services picked one contractor team which it considered best suited for providing MMIC technology needed to facilitate the MIMIC insertion into its electronic sensor hardware.
Tenders are invited for Day to day operation and maintenance of electrical air conditioning and clean room facilities for mmic and ircc at sspl, delhi
For C-Band frequency and above, a MMIC 'core chip' is likely utilized along with a low noise amplifier MMIC in the receive path and a power amplifier MMIC in the transmit path.
Process Certification and Defect Recognition: Hybrids, Microcircuits and RF/MMIC Modules - This process certification is a must for quality, process, manufacturing engineers, designers and senior technicians and ideal for inspectors and line operators looking to broaden their knowledge base and understanding of visual inspection criteria and materials and processes used to assemble Hybrids, Microcircuits and RF MMIC Modules for high reliability Military and aerospace applications.
MMIC RRG Inc., domiciled in Washington, D.C., was formed in May 2011.