MMIGMassachusetts Medicaid Infrastructure Grant
MMIGMass Marketing Insurance Group, Inc. (Wayne, PA)
MMIGMultimedia Integration Gateway (computing)
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MMIG's literature suggests that a Primary match might indicate that the dog's DNA markers match 50 percent or more of those of a specific breed.
Customers who ran the original 38-breed test can buy an upgrade from MMIG for $55.
MMIG's website for the Canine Heritage products contains a good amount of information about its tests, and the company representative with whom we spoke was very helpful.
MMIG's explains: "Canine Heritage Breed Test only works for the breeds that have been validated.
We let Theresa Brady of MMIG address this, as she herself owns a Labradoodle.
The following day, I brought Otto with me to PETCO to buy a test kit for MMIG's Canine Heritage "XL" test.
(MMIG says results should arrive in six to eight weeks; it was just the anticipation that made this wait seem interminable.
We asked Theresa Brady, spokeswoman for MMIG, to address this question.
Early on, we (MMIG) recognized that the Chow Chow, the Akita, the Siberian Husky, the Chinese Shar-Pei, and even the Shih-Tzu can cluster together as one general breed type so we developed an enhanced program and analysis procedure to split these apart.