MMIIIMega Man 3 (video game)
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Nowadays, that's easy to decipher (MMIII is child's play), but a few years ago it was a definite advantage to know that MCMLXXXIV indicated a very old repeat.
Tenders are invited for High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter modules as per following specification and attachment sheet:-i)Type of filter : Type Cii)Size : 610 mm x 610 mm x 300 mmiii)Flow Capacity : 1700 m3/hriv)Face velocity : 2.5 m/secv)Efficiency : 99.97% down to 0.3 micron by number count methodvi) Pressure drop a) In clean conditon : 25 mm WG b) In clogged conditon : 75 mm WGvii) Filter Media : Glass micro fibre paper (0.28 mm or More)viii)Separator : Al foil (0.033 mm thk)ix) Material of filter casing : Al/GI Sheet 16 SWG.
Tender notice number : MPPGCL/TENDER NO -3561 & Work No: MMIII