MMIPMedical Malpractice Insurance Pool (of New York)
MMIPMonthly Mortgage Insurance Premium
MMIPMaintenance Management Improvement Program
MMIPMedicare and Medicaid Integration Project
MMIPMueller Matrix Imaging Polarimeter
MMIPMan Machine Interface Protocol
MMIPMobility Management Internet Protocol
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Government encourages members of the MMIP to work hand in glove with Traditional Initiation Forums towards finding a solution to their current challenges.
The four selected early-stage MMIP projects include a
It is both unfair and illogical to require MMIP to bear the financial burden associated with providing a second layer of excess malpractice insurance to such health care providers where industry practice does not make such insurance available.
El indicador de RE del MMIP considera mas variables (asistencia escolar, alfabetismo y grado alcanzado para menores de 15 anos) y se calcula el re promedio para el hogar para poder combinarlo con las otras dimensiones de NBI.
The six MMIP grants are significant examples of the intensity of our commitment to developing sustainable new technologies that can be commercialized to benefit the wider community in energy conservation, solar power, and sustainable desalination in the UAE and globally.
The monies raised by this assessment are to be deposited into the "medical malpractice insurance fund" and shall be used to offset any insufficiencies in the MMIP for the policy years described.
The State 'took' $691 million from its excess medical liability reserve pool, the Medical Malpractice Insurance Association (MMIA), in 1992-1997, then in 2000 transferred policies from MMIA to MMIP and changed the base for funding the pool from a surcharge on all property and casualty insurers writing in the State to medical malpractice insurers only.
Superintendent Dinallo, Chair of the Medical Malpractice Task Force, said the premium problem is partly a result of the Legislature spending a surplus on other projects; of MMIP building a projected deficit of $500 million; and previous rate suppression.
Rick Abrams, executive vice president of the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY), makes the case, as do others, that the deficit of the MMIP is also a factor in the unwillingness of commercial carriers to enter the market in New York.
Unfortunately, MMIP has accumulated a deficit of approximately $525 million as of March 31, 2007--a sum that, bylaw, must be shouldered by the few companies selling malpractice insurance in the state, exerting further pressure on insurance rates.