MMIPMissing and Murdered Indiginous People (Native Americans)
MMIPMedical Malpractice Insurance Pool (of New York)
MMIPMonthly Mortgage Insurance Premium
MMIPMaintenance Management Improvement Program
MMIPMedicare and Medicaid Integration Project
MMIPMueller Matrix Imaging Polarimeter
MMIPMan Machine Interface Protocol
MMIPMobility Management Internet Protocol
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Thanks to the General Assemblys bold action in passing the Transportation Funding Act in 2015, we are now able to begin this first MMIP project, an unprecedented and innovative step to significantly improve Georgias transportation network for its users.
Finalmente, se suman los resultados de cada dimension y se divide entre el numero total de dimensiones, con lo que se establece el indice global de necesidades basicas insatisfechas del mmip (cuadro 3).
"The MMIP grants testify to the collaborative partnership we have with MIT
Upon MMIA's dissolution, the MMIP was established as a source of medical malpractice insurance for health care providers who were unable to procure such insurance in the voluntary market.
Andy Evans, Site Lead (VP) for Macclesfield Multi-Format Facility at AstraZeneca and MMIP Chair, said:
En el MMIP la dimension alimentaria solo es parte de la dimension de ingresos, salvo en la aplicacion reportada en Boltvinik (2010), en la cual segui exactamente la LGDS y en la cual, por tanto, alimentacion quedo como un rubro de NBI, restandose de la LP y del ingreso del hogar.
There have been both attempts to lower the required primary layer of coverage from $1.3 million to $1 million in S.2959 (Hannon), and attempts to extend the medical malpractice insurance pool (MMIP).
The MEC was responding to a request by members of the MMIP to suspend the Act in the Matatiele and Mount Fletcher areas until 2019.
La medicion integrada de pobreza (MMIP), combina la variante mejorada de NBI con la variante de canasta normativa generalizada de la LP e incorpora un indicador de pobreza de tiempo, para obtener un indice de pobreza integrado por hogar que permite calcular todas las medidas agregadas de pobreza (Boltvinik, 2003: 460).
The New York Insurance Department is caught in the middle with the power to review and approve rate requests and to oversee the operation of the Medical Malpractice Insurance Pool (MMIP).
26--This letter is directed to all property/casualty insurers, RSO's, the NY MMIP, NYAIP and ELNY and directs that the new statutory requirement that insurers must now demonstrate that late notice has "prejudiced" the insurer in some way before the insurer can invalidate the claim must be "promptly" included in their policy forms and submitted to the Superintendent for approval.