MMITMicrosoft Mobile Internet Toolkit (Microsoft development tool)
MMITMid-Michigan Innovation Team (Lansing, MI)
MMITMacrophage Migration Inhibition Test (cancer)
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Jide Akindele, CEO of MMIT, says: "Unfortunately corruption remains a substantial risk within the mobile money industry in sub-Saharan Africa.
24) Gahan, P Social networking, the Swindon collection MMIT 36(4) 2010 pp25-27
Because the MMIT database does not indicate the proportion of intravenous versus oral ciprofloxacin used, we used the oral DDD for ciprofloxacin of 1,000 mg for all ciprofloxacin use).
The evolution of such capabilities directly tracks findings of a recent study sponsored by the MMITS SDR Industry Forum and BellSouth Wireless Corp.