MMIWMy Mom Is Watching
MMIWMaking Medical Informatics Work (medical technology group)
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Last Congress, Udall helped secure passage of the Ashlynne Mike AMBER Alert in Indian Country Act and convened hearings and listening sessions to hear from Tribes about Indian Countrys Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), MMIW, and public safety priorities.
We recommend that local public health units work in partnership with local Indigenous leadership, policing, health and social services, the provinces/territories, and the MMIW Inquiry Secretariat to review and enhance acute policing and emergency health and social services for Indigenous women and families experiencing violence.
This is the context in which families of MMIW experience the violent loss of a loved one.
The Canadian police force places the MMIW around 1200 (RCMP 2014), while the Native Women's Association of Canada (NWAC) and Patricia Hajdu, Canada's minister for the status of women, believe the number to be over 4000 (Tasker 2016).
Lavell-Harvard hopes that the MMIW inquiry will lead to concrete changes before the situation becomes worse.
He recently introduced the Not Invisible Act to help streamline tribal and federal efforts to combat the MMIW crisis, and his Studying the Missing and Murdered Indian Crisis Act recently passed the U.S.
Tester also recently reintroduced two landmark pieces of legislation aimed at combatting the MMIW crisis.
This is the image of a tall, beautiful Indigenous woman dressed in flowing colours of the waters, earth and sky and it is dedicated to the mission of MMIW. The original painting is being used by Native Women Association of Canada and has been commissioned for printing cards, mugs, scarves and such for support in creating change.
That's why Tester worked with Republicans and Democrats to craft a deal that prevents another shutdown, increases funding for BIA and IHS, and provides critical resources to address the MMIW crisis.
On behalf of the Chiefs of Ontario Chief Day announced the launch of an online campaign to create awareness about the issue of MMIW and to start the process of raising funds to hold an inquiry.
Before the deliberations on the resolution commenced, a group of Toronto-based MMIW advocates were invited to address the assembly.
It was only when the rally ended that the MMIW supporters announced plans for further action.