MMIWMy Mom Is Watching
MMIWMaking Medical Informatics Work (medical technology group)
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This is the image of a tall, beautiful Indigenous woman dressed in flowing colours of the waters, earth and sky and it is dedicated to the mission of MMIW.
is a follow up, not only on that Resolution, said Day, but also follows up on a meeting held by Ontario chiefs in February this year with families of MMIW and girls.
The February meeting between First Nations leaders and 15 families of MMIW was to get advice and direction from the families on the design of the inquiry based on Indigenous values, protocols and realities, said Stonefish.
Although he was not at liberty to give specific details, Day said all the MMIW cold cases in Ontario will be investigated.
LaRocca said MMIW advocates question the truth and accuracy of that statement.
It was only when the rally ended that the MMIW supporters announced plans for further action.