MMIWGMissing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (Canada)
MMIWGMan-Machine Interface Working Group
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The legacy of residential schools and the more general impact of the colonial mindset that informs the Indian Act make for a daunting body of evidence for the MMIWG commissioners to work with.
Christa Big Canoe, former legal advocacy director at Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto (ALST), now senior counsel at the MMIWG National Inquiry, discusses the pitfalls of "appearing Aboriginal" in relation to a past client who pled guilty to driving under the influence.
Hinton will also stage Missing--the story of a victim of the MMIWG crisis.
We are so grateful for the sentinel Stolen Sisters report, Sisters in Spirit, the poignant Faceless Dolls display to the invaluable role that NWAC played during the MMIWG pre-Inquiry design process.