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MMLMichigan Municipal League
MMLMade Me Laugh (chat)
MMLMakes Me Laugh
MMLMidland Mainline (British train company)
MMLModern and Medieval Languages
MMLMayo Medical Laboratories
MMLMaterial Measurement Laboratory (US National Institute of Standards and Technology)
MMLMulti Media Laboratory
MMLMan to Machine Language
MMLMarginal Maximum Likelihood
MMLMarx Memorial Library (UK)
MMLMethod of Maximum Likelihood (scientific modeling)
MMLMultimedia Library
MMLMinimum Message Length
MMLMathematical Markup Language
MMLMan Machine Language
MMLMote Marine Laboratory
MMLMinnie's Melody Land (cartoons)
MMLManual of Military Law
MMLMusic Macro Language
MMLMott MacDonald Ltd
MMLMaster Materials License (Nuclear Regulatory Commission)
MMLMobile Markup Language
MMLMaker Markup Language (Adobe FrameMaker)
MMLMultimedia Laboratory (University of Zurich)
MMLMega Man Legends (video game)
MMLMillion Man Lan (gaming event)
MMLMutant Mouse Line
MMLMickey Mouse Logic
MMLMedia Markup Language
MMLMurata Machinery, Ltd. (Japan)
MMLMarathon Markup Language
MMLMaster Medical Law (UK)
MMLMason Media Lab (George Mason University; Virginia)
MMLMusic Masters Live (record label)
MMLMaster Materials List
MMLMaster Measurement List
MMLMystara Mailing List (Dungeons & Dragons)
MMLMarlboro Menthol Lights
MMLMusic and Media Licensing
MMLMaster Mission Library
MMLMind Machine Lab (Udaipur, India)
MMLManagement Modem Line
MMLMessage Management Letter
MMLMobile Man Lift (Lift-a-Loft Corporation)
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e Bishop Auckland-based rm, which has grown to become of the largest organisations of its kind in England, struck a deal with MML Capital Partners and will now be led by chief executive ocer Brenda McLeish, commercial director Jon Cummins, and nance director Julie Gilhespie.
Jeff Messing, President of MML Holdings LLC, which operates, commented in announcing MML Rants and Raves, "Many people are either intimidated by their health care providers or are too timid at the time of their treatment to ask questions about their care.
The previous year's winner "brings back the cup" by coming down the middle aisle to music, then handing the cup to the MML president on the stage.
Ecos has been invited by both MPI and MML to further and fully 'scientifically' investigate the background to this issue, however, it is not within the magazine's capabilities to achieve this, and, furthermore, its objective, rather than to prove particular claims, was to report on the emergence of the issue itself.
The `multiple modes of earning a livelihood' (MML) approach is useful for analyzing the diversified means of raising extra income through acquisition of additional jobs, not only on the part of the unemployed but also by those sections of the population dependent on fixed salaries (Mustapha 1992).
The MML is required to relinquish at least 50% of the original area after the first year and another 25% after the second.
MML is a joint venture between Master Motor Corporation Ltd (MMCL) and Changan International Corporation with 70/30 equity stakes.
MML was launched in August 2017 with a "mission to implement the ideology of Pakistan in accordance with the 1973 Constitution".
Then the MML challenged the ECP's decision of not enlisting it as a political party and a single bench of IHC comprising Justice Aamer Farooq had accepted the petition and directed the ECP to take the matter afresh.
Although, the JUP-N and MML have made seat adjustments, they only involve two NA constituencies where central leaders of the two parties are in the run.
On the other hand Saeed Ahmed Gujar, the candidate of Allah-o-Akbar Tehreek appeared before EC during the hearing of suo moto notice regarding the placement of the name of Milli Muslim League (MML) on the banners of the candidates of Allah-o- Akbar Tehreek.
As per certain Pakistan-based media reports, AAT party, which has been registered under the election commission, has gained the support of its linked party, Milli Muslim League (MML).