MMLAMid-Minnesota Legal Assistance
MMLAMid-Michigan Leadership Academy (est. 1995; Lansing, MI)
MMLAMaharashtra Mandal Los Angeles (California)
MMLAMichigan Master Locksmith Association
MMLAMidwest Modern Language Association of America
MMLAMaintenance Manpower and Logistics Analysis
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This had been in November 1986 when I had attended the Mid-West MLA to give a paper on the Scottish poet George Mackay Brown and the Old Norse Sagas at a session of "Scandinavian Influences on British and American Literature." As this was my first ever trip to the United States, I was very impressed, if not overawed, by the opulence of the venue (Chicago Hilton) and the extremely efficient, busy-looking, determined MMLA participants (several hundred of them) who strutted around at break-neck speed between sessions with their briefcases and folders; they were all very smartly dressed and clearly had no time for such trivialities as casual conversation.
Labriola will place an announcement concerning the open meetings in the upcoming MMLA Newsletter, Benet will also include notice in her upcoming letter to all members; and the chairs of the open meetings are urged to publicize in other ways.
An earlier version of this essay was presented at the American Literature II Section, "Doing a `Man's' Job: Women and the Professions in American Realism" at the MMLA conference, November 1991; my thanks to Tom Quirk for suggestions for revision.
"Power and the Text: Rebellion in Rosario Ferre's Papeles de Pandora." MMLA 17.1 (Spring 1984).
(4.) This is a term used by Gayatri Spivak in an essay entitled, "Teaching for the Times," MMLA, xxv.1 (1992), 3-22.
When the Detroit City Council proposed predatory lending legislation, the Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association (MMLA), Lansing, Michigan, joined with the Michigan Bankers Association, Lansing, Michigan, and other major financial trade associations, and successfully lobbied for state preemption.