MMLDMomoland (South Korean band)
MMLDMerchant Mariner Licensing and Documentation
MMLDMan-Machine Learning Dilemma
MMLDMary Molly Lucy Dubstep (clothing line)
MMLDMultiple Mucosal Lesions of the Duodenum (gastroenterology)
MMLDMean Minimal Luminal Diameter
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E+L also featured the ELCAM Matrix and Missing Label Detection (MMLD) system.This camera-based system replaces the conventional arrays of ultrasonic or optical sensors and makes their complex, time-consuming setup superfluous - now a quick teach-in process is all that is required.
For the 10th anniversary of the company's slitter/rewinder, it will exhibit an IT450 inspection machine mounting the new FuruPlus MMLD system, which is designed for wine and packaging labels.
Now von see sensor-based inspection for matrix and missing label detection (MMLD) or print inspection systems.