MMLSMulticast Multi Layer Switching
MMLSMobile Microwave Landing System
MMLSMickey Mouse League Soccer
MMLSModel Mobile Load Simulator (pavement testing tool)
MMLSMulticast Multi Layer Switching (Cisco)
MMLSMelbourne Medical Locum Service (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
MMLSMilitary Microwave Landing System (now Precision Landing System Receiver)
MMLSMaterial and Maintenance Logistics System
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MMLS has been operationally deployed at US Air Force bases in the United States and overseas for more than five years.
In July 2000, Italy became the first European Nato nation to adopt MMLS when the Italian Air Force accepted its first system.
Late last year Rockwell Collins successfully completed flight tests of a Multi-Mode Receiver (MMR) which combines MMLS, ILS, VHF Omni-directional Range (VOR), GPS, and GLS (GPS landing systems) into a single unit.