MMLSMulticast Multi Layer Switching
MMLSMobile Microwave Landing System
MMLSMickey Mouse League Soccer
MMLSMovable Modular Liquefaction System (Shell)
MMLSModel Mobile Load Simulator (pavement testing tool)
MMLSMulticast Multi Layer Switching (Cisco)
MMLSMelbourne Medical Locum Service (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
MMLSMilitary Microwave Landing System (now Precision Landing System Receiver)
MMLSMaterial and Maintenance Logistics System
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Other population-based evaluations have investigated the effects of primary and secondary prevention efforts on overdose outcomes, such as PDMPs, PMCs, and MMLs. Mixed evidence exists on the effect of PDMPs on opioid overdose deaths.
On Tuesday night, a hand grenade attack wounded at least two people at the Muslim Milli Leagues (MML) office in Latifabad No 8 in Hyderabad.
MMLs until 2014 have led to increases in adolescent marijuana use prevalence," the authors write.
PCR tests were performed at Mayo Medical Laboratories (MML), (Rochester, MN, USA) during 20042013, at MML New England (Andover, MA, USA) during 2010-2013, at the Mayo Clinic Health System (Eau Claire, WI, USA) during 2009-2013, and at Marshfield Clinic Laboratories (Marshfield, WI, USA) beginning in 2013.
MMLs reported for each group at 6 and 12 months are displayed in figure 3.
The UCITA has created the concept of a "mass market license (MML)." MML is a "standard form contract used for transactions with the general public in a retail setting where the information is generic and the customer can be anyone."(77) Under an MML, the license and the software are the same for every customer.(78) MMLs deal with intellectual property rights and access to information.
Simon Goldsmith, CEO at Altius says We were impressed with MMLs flexibility and collaborative approach from day one.
ECP may have refused to accept MMLs participation in upcoming polls, however, the candidates of the front have other options.
The interior ministry officials could not reply to the questions raised by MMLs counsel.
Based in Nairobi, MMLs services include project management; construction management; programming and planning and quality control.
ECPs member from Balochistan replied, You will be given a complete chance.bsac-850950-381431837-placeA next hearing of the case regarding MMLs registration is expected soon.