MMMBMultiplexer Motherboard
MMMBMulti Mode Multi Band
MMMBMedical Material Management Branch
MMMBMultimode Multiband
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In this work, a novel 90[degrees] hybrid coupler with low-pass and high-pass lumped-elements supporting MMMB for m-WiMAX (IEEE 802.
In contrast to other lumped-element couplers with harmonic rejection, the proposed topology exhibits wider operation frequency which can be applied in MMMB system for m-WiMAX (IEEE 802.
The QFE2320 Multi-mode Multi-band Power Amplifier (MMMB PA) with Integrated Antenna Switch and QFE2340 High Band MMMB PA with integrated Transmitter/Receiver mode switch, are key components along with QFE1100, the first envelope tracking (ET) chipset for 3G/4G LTE mobile devices of the QualcommA RF360 Front End Solution, which enables OEMs to create a single multimode design for worldwide LTE mobility.