MMMFMcDowell Mountain Music Festival (Scottsdale, AZ)
MMMFMoney Market Mutual Fund
MMMFMargaret McNamara Memorial Fund (Washington, DC)
MMMFMan Made Mineral Fibre
MMMFMo Money Mo Freedom
MMMFMerritt Mountain Music Festival (Vancouver, Canada)
MMMFMunicipal Money Market Fund (investing)
MMMFMaximum Margin Matrix Factorization
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MMMF - or rock-wool - is a suitable insulating material that is commonly used, and this is manufactured in varying densities, thicknesses, and sizes to suit design and application requirements.
4) In order to show that this does not support the claim that MMMFs are not money, I challenged him to use the funds in his checking account without the use of a check.
6 trillion MMMF industry (30) consists of three primary types of MMMFs: retail funds, government funds, and institutional prime funds.
Problems at Reserve Fund also triggered large withdrawals from other MMMFs.
The pro- posed algorithms outperforms URP [101], Attitude [102], MatchBox [103], and MMMF [104].
9) As a result, MMMF shares are held by individuals, institutional investors, and corporate and noncorporate businesses as an alternative to bank deposits for cash management and payments purposes.
To illustrate the growth in MMMFs, figure 3 shows total bank assets, bank demand deposits, mutual fund assets, and MMMF assets as percentages of total financial assets: the bank share of total assets fell by about 20 percentage points from 1980 to 2008.
If the probability of a security defaulting goes up or, worse, if a default occurs, the value of an MMMF share will be temporarily less than the NAV of one.
The issuers of these funds seek to achieve those yields through investments in securities that are not only higher yield, but also likely to be higher risk than the securities that comprise the majority of the portfolio of an MMMF.
Given these two considerations, this case study will use M3 with all MMMFs removed from it.
Duca and Van-Hoose (2004) state that broader aggregates may have become more vulnerable to portfolio substitution involving stock and mutual funds other than MMMF.
With the steepening of the yield curve in the early part of 1990, MMMF growth stopped in March.