MMMIMake Mothers Matter International (est. 1947)
MMMIMetLife Mature Market Institute
MMMIMild to Moderate Mentally Impaired
MMMIMagnificat Meal Movement International (est. 1986)
MMMIMichigan Millers Mutual Insurance Co. (Lansing, MI)
MMMIMonthly Mall Merchandise Index (International Council of Shopping Centers)
MMMIMathematical Methods in Medical Imaging (journal)
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Variaveis Media DP MMT 43,1kg 2,0kg0 MMMI 15,9kg 0,8kg MOT 2,3kg 0,1kg MG 7,3kg 0,9kg Legenda: DP: Desvio padrao; MMT: Massa magra total; MMMI: Massa magra dos membros inferiores; MOT: Massa ossea total; MG: Massa de gordura total; kg: quilogramas; gr: gramas.
The increase in costs of care in nursing homes and assisted living outpaced medical care inflation of about 3%, said Sandra Timmermann, MMMI director.
MMMI found 86% of all nursing homes were freestanding facilities, and 18% had an associated assisted living unit or wing.
Costs of private day care for adults remained unchanged from 2009, at $67 a day, MMMI found.
Rates for adult care centers varied widely, often due to differences in licensing and other regulations among different localities, MMMI said.
MMMI's survey included nursing homes, assisted living communities, home care agencies, and adult day services in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
* At one grade level, several students with MMMI did not participate in a mathematics class because it was considered too difficult for them, and the, general education teacher was not willing to modify his or her teaching style to accommodate them.
* Twice a week, seventh- and eighth-grade students with MMMI spent 2 1/4 hr away from school attending an alternative vocational program.
This arrangement, referred to as "pull-in" by a district inclusion committee member, may actually have emphasized differences between the students with MMMI with their peers rather than having a positive, integrative effect.
General education teachers varied in the amount of effort they made to include the students with MMMI. While some teachers occasionally used cooperative learning, and peer tutoring was regularly used outside the mainstream for two classes, most modifications were relatively superficial.
* The staff learned that it was possible to have the students with MMMI in their classrooms without utter chaos developing and without unduly elevating the stress levels of general education teachers.
The data did indicate, however, that the peers were already generally accepting, but tended to prefer the company of others to that of the students with MMMI (Fox, 1994).