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MMMSMerry Marvel Marching Society (Marvel Comics fan club)
MMMSMultimedia Mail Service
MMMSMaking Maths Make Sense (Richard Dunne teaching method)
MMMSMarlboro Memorial Middle School (Morganville, NJ)
MMMSMount Macedon Music Studio (Mount Macedon, Victoria, Australia)
MMMSMaintenance & Material Management System
MMMSMeads Mill Middle School (Michigan)
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Conclusion: The Turkish MMMS provides adequate validity and reliability for assessing the impact of MS on quality of life and health status in patients.
Factor loadings of the Turkish MMMS are shown in Table 3.
There was no difference between MMMS subscale scores of participants as related to sociodemographics.
The relation of MMMS scale and functional status was evaluated and statistically significant correlations were found between MMMS and EDSS and MMSE and HADS.
The aim of this study was to translate MMMS from English to Turkish and evaluate the psychometric properties.
Significant and strong correlations were found between MMMS total score and MSQL-54 physical composite score (r=0.
To support the construct validity, MMMS scores were evaluated according to sociodemographic and MS-related characteristics.
The relation of MMMS with functional scales (EDSS, MMSE, and HADS) was analyzed to support construct validity.
To investigate the stability of the membranes performance, a long time pervaporation experiment of TS-1 particles filled PDMS MMMS with 50% TS-1 loading at 50[degrees]C was shown in Fig.
The formal MMMS lessons supplied a systematic framework for the students' natural experimental approach.
The goals of MMMS will be met when students apply math and science thinking in their every day activities.