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MMNMedia Monitors Network
MMNMulti Media Networking
MMNMetropolitan Mobile Network
MMNMultifocal Motor Neuropathy (muscle disorder)
MMNManufacturers Model Number
MMNMother's Maiden Name
MMNMystery Meat Navigation
MMNModule Magic Number (computing; Apache)
MMNMennonite Mission Network
MMNMismatched Negativity
MMNMontreal Muslim News (Canada)
MMNMedical Micro-Power Network
MMNMega Man Network (gaming website)
MMNMobile Medical Network
MMNMobile Market News
MMNMachinist Mate Nuclear (US Navy rating)
MMNMaintenance Module Node
MMNMinimal Multicast Network
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Most of the studies investigating CAPDs in patients with ASDs used electrophysiological measurements such as MMN and P300 wave morphology.
N400 is a major component of ERP, which is a common research tool used in the cognitive science field,[2] including linguistic cognition.[5] Mismatch negativity (MMN) is a component of ERP and is identified as an active discrimination stimulus during the experiment, reflecting the automatic recognition process of the standard and deviant stimuli in participants.[6] Although rTMS has shown clinical utility for a number of neurological conditions, we have only limited understanding of how rTMS influences ERP in SZ.
MMN is used to transform the data into a desired range by subtracting the minimum value from each individual spectrum and then dividing the range of this spectrum.
(4) Algunos estudios sugieren que la mutacion temprana del gen NRAS esta asociada con la MMN. (6)
tested cortical response to stimuli in patients with chronic psychotic disorders and noticed a dose-dependent improvement in PPI and MMN performances in patients treated with 20 mg of memantine [38].
Los padres utilizan los espacios que se les dan como un espacio de relacion, que debe continuar, pero lo que esta claro es que si no va acompanado de una intervencion mas individual y familiar creo que el grupo, por si mismo, pues queda un poco 'cojo', la intervencion es insuficiente." MMN
MMN can be used to carry out an objective evaluation in patients with difficulty or impairment in communication or whose hearing is under investigation [7].
Deviations of six types were inserted into the melody patterns to evoke MMN responses to a deviant tone as compared with corresponding unaltered standard.
Another early occurring ERP component investigated in alcoholism research is the MMN, which is a powerful measure of automatic central auditory processing (Naatanen et al.
Previous literature on music neuroscience has primarily focused on Mismatch Negative (MMN)--a deviation-specific component of auditory event-related potential (ERP) recorded by electroencephalography (EEG)--in "music" perception.
Marginal mandibular nerve (MMN) palsy was the most common complication.
Given this fact that bentonite mainly includes natural montmorillonite (non- modified), it was selected in order to evaluate the effect of dimensions of particles in additive materials to compare them with the tests in which MMN was used.